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Eric Pierre

With family roots in French Alps and Vosges, I have always been attracted by cold weather, snow and wilderness. After many years of ski and climbing, but also first photographs experiences, near Chamonix and then in Himalaya, I decided to change of horizon as commercial exploitation of mountain, industrialization of the valleys and mass tourism was growing too much in the Alps.

I first headed to Alaska and Yukon Territory where I found in these endless spaces exactly what I was looking for with on top of that, one of the most spectacular show given by nature: the northern lights. I also had there the opportunity to learn dog mushing, with local professionals involved in Iditarod and Yukon Quest famous races.

Light in these boreal regions is very special as much lower on the horizon compared to our latitudes. This phenomenon creates special opportunities for landscape photography. Besides, these remote lands shelter exceptional wildlife offering great challenges for Photographers. Therefore, after a successful experience with Polar Bears photography in Churchill (Canada), much less known at that time …, I started to organize my own trips (self-sponsored) and expeditions targeting wildlife photography, like for instance in Canadian High Arctic, with support of Inuit People of the local Community of Grise-Fiord (Ellesmere Island) or to Siberia, in Kamtchatka, with support of local Volcanologists and inhabitants.

Then, my trips becoming more and more complex to organize due to the remoteness of the targeted regions, to the choice of my subjects and to the difficulties to find reliable local supports, the time I needed to allocate to this activity began to be too short as I still had a full time job as Engineer. Therefore, I decided to reduce to part-time my “regular” job in the industry in order to have better preparation for my trips and live more quietly these adventures. Today, I do not work anymore as Engineer, but full-time as Photographer.

Then, many other trips have followed in Patagonia, in British Colombia, in Northwest Territories, … with many publications in nature and photo magazines … During these travels and thanks to my local Guides, I had the opportunity to get close to such wild animals as Bears, Wolves, Muskoxen, Eagles, Condors, Pumas, … and even to dive with Narwhales and Belugas in the Arctic Ocean.

Some of the images taken during these trips have been exhibited and awarded at the greatest reknown international photos contests like the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Namur Photo Festival.

During my trips, I often remarked that my local Guides, on top of their job to help me to find the animals, take care to explain their land, their culture and traditions, hoping that I could transmit their words through my pictures and travels diaries. And precisely, during my exhibitions, when visitors discover the photos I had taken during my travels, they ask me lots of questions about these remote places and animals living there. Therefore, I realized that having the contact with local guides and also the required experience for such travels, I could take sometimes with me small goups of travellers, photographers or simply observers, for a selection of nature trips, in order to share with them my passion for these regions.